This is a project conceived and coordinated by Elia Torrecilla and Miguel Molina with the support of PAC and LCI (Universitat Politècnica de València)


Submissions – Terms and Conditions

Deadline – 1st June 2019


The International Festival of Urban Minimum Video Performances "Urban Body in Action", is launched in its first edition through an (international) open call in order to collect a set of video works-understanding these in its broadest definition: register of actions, interventions or video performances - that reflect minimal actions carried out in the urban space.


It is short videos (maximum 2 '), recorded with phones, cameras ... where a “minimal performance” that took place in the urban space through performative minimal gestures in everyday life. The concept of "minimal" action is not only for its duration (which may even be greater if an extract of a repetitive action), but also for its ambivalent qualitative significance (minimum-maximum, relevant-irrelevant, noticed-unnoticed, unusual or banal) that involve other ways of relating to citizenship and occasional urban environment (transit spaces, furniture and real estate) in which we live and we share every day like shooting passers-by. These urban minimum actions can be carried out individually or in groups.


Simple or more elaborate videos that show "urban bodies in action", to be part of a festival of nomadic spirit that aims to:


- The creation of a virtual meeting space where to visualize different ways of doing and understanding performance in the city: the presence in the streets through minimal artistic action.

- Encourage the experimentation of performance in the urban space as a resignification of these spaces and their citizen relationship.

- Establish interuniversity links at the international level, as a space for the exchange of experiences and the street as a space for action.

- Extend and disseminate the projection of the proposals in different national and international spaces throughout the year, both in university areas and in art spaces and alternative centers.

- Generate a digital platform (web page) of diffusion that gathers all the selected proposals and a publication of a book-DVD, for its archive in university libraries and artistic spaces.


The International Festival of Urban Minimum Performances Video "Urban Body in Action", is a nomadic spirit and is conceived as a portable digital device that will be screened in university halls and art spaces from different countries (Portugal, Netherlands, France, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Canada and Spain) through collaborating university professors and art gallery managers. As a final memory of this festival, a DVD-Book will be made for authors, collaborating institutions and university libraries.


Instructions to participate


1. Artists of any discipline may participate with a video piece that records or documents a performance / action performed in the urban space.

2. The maximum duration of the videos will not exceed 2 minutes and in the same video must include at least the title, name of the artists, year and place of performance. If there is a spoken part, it must be subtitled in English. Previous works of the present year are accepted, if the bases are fulfilled.

3. The works will be sent in mp4 format to the following email: along with the following data (must be -at least- in Spanish and English):




>Year of completion

>Name of the artist or collective, city and country of origin, address, telephone, email, web / social media

>Statement by the artist (maximum 50 words)

>A brief video description (maximum 50 words

>A descriptive image of the action in jpg


4. The deadline for receipt will be June 1st, 2019

5. Selected artists will be informed by email along with the dates and places of screening.

6. With the selected videos, a DVD-book will be published and sent to each of the selected ones.

7. The selected videos will be broadcast in different screening rooms at an international level between September and December 2019 (Portugal, Holland, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, France, Spain, among others).

8. The selected artists will become part of the database of the festival page, so they must authorize the use of their works for dissemination and promotion purposes in print or digital media, without profit motive.

9. Participation in this festival implies the acceptance of its bases.



This is a project conceived and coordinated by Elia Torrecilla and Miguel Molina with the support of PAC and LCI (Universitat Politècnica de València)

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